Magic mechanics:

‘Spells’ are aspects of domains or combined domains. As mice advance in domain mastery, they get more dice. (6 domains: fire, earth, air, water, wood, metal)

To cast something:
  • Duration (s)seconds
  • Range (s)cm
  • Area of Effect 2(s)mm
  • Force

Combining domains is more complex—you need material components which will be consumed. Components must be living; the more sentient the life is, the more powerful the spell will be. i.e. sacrificing a mouse gives you incredible mastery over the forces of the universe, and sacrificing a blade of grass gives you a more subtle touch.

New Ability: Magic

Magic cannot exceed 7 – Nature.


To gain 1 Magic, mice must be trained by someone with at least 3 Magic. The training will take 1d6 days. Further advancement must be made through practice. 3(starting lvl) successes and [3(starting lvl)-1] failures are needed to advance. For instance, to get to Magic 2, a mouse needs to successfully cast 3 spells and fail 2 spells. To get to Magic 3, a mouse needs to cast 6 successes and 5 failures.

Once a spell has been declared, the mouse must cast it.


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