Abilities and skills range from 0 to 7.

Need more skills? Use Beginner’s Luck.

If a character does not have an appropriate skill for a test, ze may roll hir Will or Health and add it to hir wises, help, and gear. Make the test using half that number, rounded up. Persona points and tapping Nature are added after the number of dice is halved.

Once you use Beginner’s Luck, check off a Pass bubble next to the skill you used it for whether or not you succeeded. Once you have attempted to use that skill a number of times equal to your current maximum Nature rating, you open the skill at a rating of 2.

Increasing Skills and Abilities

An ability or skill advances when you pass a number of tests equal to its current rating and fail a number of tests equal to one less than its rating. Nature advances using the requirements for its current max rating, not its current taxed rating.

Example: you have Pathfinder 3. You succeed at it four times and fail once; you still need to fail one more time to advance to Pathfinder 4. The score is reset once you advance.

Note: Conflicts earn one test per ability or skill. The guideline is: one test for advancement per scene per skill. Log the first test you earn, and don’t worry about the rest.


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