‘Mouse-like’ qualities—i.e. not human.

Nature can substitute for escaping/climbing/hiding/foraging skills with no penalty. It can also substitute for tests outside the player’s Nature; however, if a test fails, the Nature is taxed by the margin of failure.

Nature can be recovered in three ways:

  • Winter Session (not relevant yet)
  • the player delivers a prologue
  • the player skipped at least one session and is returning

There is one more way to recover nature: by depleting it. Players can opt to reduce their maximum Nature rating and restore one point of tax.

If Nature reaches 0, one of the character’s traits is immediately changed to something like Outcast, Odd, Faded, or something else appropriate to the test that taxed hir. The max Nature is reduced by one, and the tax is erased. If max Nature reaches 0, the character must retire until at least next spring.

If Nature reaches 7, one of the character’s traits is changed to something like Settled, Oldfur, or Skittish, at the GM’s discretion.


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