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Quick and Basic Rundown

MG is played through alternating GM Turns and Player Turns. The game starts with the GM announcing the mission. Each player then notes a Goal to be completed over the course of the mission.

In subsequent sessions, one player does a recap at the beginning of the session. Whichever player does this can alleviate one of hir Conditions. No player can do this more than once in a row.

The GM Turn begins. The GM describes the basic setting and some obstacles. Players must test their abilities, skills, etc. to overcome these in various ways.

Once the GM is done throwing obstacles at the players, the game enters the Player Turn. This usually happens when the patrol has completed its mission, when the patrol reaches a safe haven, or during downtime on an extended mission.

The Player Turn is mostly for recovery. Each player gets one free Test. If players want more, they must spend Checks. Checks cannot be earned during the Player Turn.

Sample things you can do with tests:

  • recover from one condition
  • make Resources/craft skill tests to get equipment and whatnot
  • make Circles tests to find help/allies
  • pick fights with each other/the locals

Rinse and repeat until end of session. One cycle constitutes a default session length, but I think we’ll play it by ear.

At end of session, rewards are passed out—FPs and PPs.



Main Page

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